June 24, 2017

An interview with the captain of men’s team of Norway Jonathan Tisdall.

– Jonathan, what can you say about your team’s performance here?

– Well, we are not satisfied. Although we are probably going up to where we are ranked, we hoped to do better and to make a few surprises here. We had some chances to do this but we haven’t used our chances. But we have sent a very young team as we wanted to give them some new experience. So it is ok.

– How many years have you been working with team Norway?

– I have a slightly unusual role. I don’t work with a team the way a normal trainer or a manager might do but until 2017 for two years I had a position with the federation where I was trying to develop the top players and opportunities for them. So that’s the kind of thing I’ve done and then in connection with that I was the captain in Baku for the first time. It went well so they asked me to be the captain again even though at the moment I am no longer a director for developing top chess in Norway. I know it is hard to believe this, we have the world champion and we have chess on television but the federation itself does not have a lot of funding at this time.

– You mean funding from the government or from private sponsors?

– It is very unusual to get funds from the government so I suppose it should be from the sponsorship.