June 17, 2017

After her victory in the game against Zhao Xue in an important match Russia vs China GM Valentina Gunina has answered some questions of the tournament’s press officer.

Valentina Gunina (RUS) and Eteri Kublashvili

— Valentina, this is your first victory on this tournament, you have defeated Zhao Xue. What can you say about your play?

— This game was very interesting. I won a piece, but converting took a bit too much time. If not this, it would be a brilliant game.

— What were your expectations before the match against China?

— We are very motivated for every round, want to perform at our best so, of course, our goal today was to win.

— In general Russian team looks very positive at the moment. You are always smiling and laughing.

— Indeed, this is so. The atmosphere in our team is always very positive.

— Do you have some daily schedule? When do you get up?

— Yes, we do and it is unique for every person. But the preparation for the games takes a lot of time so sometimes I have to get up for breakfast. (laughs)

— This is not your fist time in Khanty-Mansiysk, tell us your feelings about this city. Do they change from one visit to another?

— Yes, this is not my first time. The Olympiad 2010 was lucky for me so I hope that luck will accompany me this time as well.