June 17, 2017

An interview with GM Aryan Tari, Board 1 of team Norway .

– Aryan, you played your first game on this tournament against Samuel Shankland of the USA, tell us about it.

– Not much happened in this game. My opponent played the Giuoco Piano which I didn’t expect. I had a game against Wesley So before I played 25…b5. I think my opponent got surprised by this move and I think I quite easily equalized.


– Tell us about your team members.

– Unfortunately, we are missing both Magnus Carlsen and Jon Ludvig Hammer. Magnus has finished Norway Chess, that’s why he is not here. So we don’t have the best team but we will still do our best and hope for the good place. It is a very good experience for me to play on the first board.

– Is it possible by any chance that Magnus or Jon Ludvig Hammer help you via Internet?

– Maybe but if they help, it would be a secret.

Press conference with Tari Aryan (NOR)

– What can you say about the organization of these Championships? It is not your first time in Khanty-Mansiysk, isn’t it?

– Actually, it is my second time in Khanty-Mansiysk. I played World Junior in 2015. I like both the hotel and the playing hall, it is nice. I think, Khanty-Mansiysk is a very good city for chess.

– Tell us about chess life in Norway. Certainly, after Magnus Carlsen got his World Champion title the interest in chess has increased dramatically in your country.

– Yes, after 2013 when Magnus became a World Champion chess definitely became popular and it is becoming more and more popular. It is on television and it is going very well for chess in Norway.

– Is chess in the Top 3 of sport in Norway?

– I think, not in the Top 3 yet, but maybe it will become in the future.

– Thank you very much, Aryan, and good luck to you!