June 18, 2017

An interview with the head coach of the Russian men’s team, President of the Russian Chess Federation and FIDE Vice-President Andrey Filatov.

FIDE Vice-President, Рresident of the Russian Chess Federation Andrey Filatov

– Andrey Vasilyevich, please tell us what do you think about the organization of this tournament as a coach and as an official person.

– Nowadays, Khanty-Mansiysk has a reputation of a chess capital of the world. It has hosted many tournaments, FIDE has always had faith in Khanty-Mansiysk and it will continue to give this city rights to host many other chess events in the future. Here we always feel comfortable and positive, everybody is very hospitable. So we are grateful for this warm and cordial welcome.

What can you say about your team? How do the players feel?

– It is always quite the same on every tournament. We always head to win. It is not easy for us to get used to white nights when sun is up all the time, so some players have problems with their sleep. But still it is the same for all the teams. So we are trying to give some rest to those who don’t feel comfortable.

– How do you feel in the role of a team captain?

– Of course, I feel nervous and I worry. During the game, I am watching the positions on boards, looking how the players are feeling and acting.

– Do you follow only Russian matches or some others as well?

– I am also watching the performance of our women’s team. That’s it. I concentrate only on our national teams.

– If this is not a secret, tell us is there any specific schedule for all Russian players?

– Not really. Everything’s very pragmatic and stable. We are getting ready, having some rest, talking and spending some time together, getting tuned for the next game.

– Who are your main rivals on this tournament?

– There are no weak teams on the World Team Championship so we are preparing for each match as for the most important one. And this preparation is done in a very individual way for every match.

– The first hour of Round 2 is underway, what can you say about the current positions on boards?

– They are not easy. Team Turkey is a very strong one and we saw it yesterday, they play very good chess. The Turkish team can take points from any other team so now we don’t feel easy.

– Thank you and good luck to you!